Organise for change

Great people can only deliver great results if they operate in the ideal structure. Often organisations have plenty of good project and programme managers but do not get the expected return on the investments. They lack a proper organisation around the change initiatives.

I can assist you in defining the processes and procedures to deliver successful projects and programmes, in setting up the support and governance structures to control them, or in creating a system to prioritise and align your change initiatives to the strategy of the organisation. I can help you assess the PPM maturity of your organisation, bench-marked against international best practices, and develop a roadmap to bring you to the right level.

Project Management

Do you deliver your scope within the boundaries for time, budget, quality and risk?

Programme Management

Do your transformation initiatives embed the change in your organisation and deliver the benefits?

Portfolio Management

Do you invest in the right things, aligned with your strategic objectives and balanced against your constraints?


Do your managers get the right support for making decisions and delivering upon their commitments?


Do your processes and procedures give sufficient control at the right level in the organisation without creating bureaucracy?