Management of Portfolios

Management of Portfolios, that is what the acronym MoP stands for. MoP® provides universally applicable principles and practices to successfully (re-)introduce portfolio management approaches. It describes how to identify the right change initiative - projects and programmes - the organisation should invest in, and how to ensure that those projects and programmes continue to meet the needs of the organisation and deliver the intended benefits.

MoP® explains what portfolio management is, why an organisation should do it, and how it fits into the wider organisational setup. It describes the principles and practices that create successful portfolio management, and illustrates with examples how these can be adapted to real life situations.

It is very rare to find class room based or instructor led trainings in MoP® in Hong Kong, so do not hesitate to reach out if you want to find out what can be done.

The MoP® Guide explains the portfolio management principles and the practices in the portfolio definition and portfolio delivery cycles in elaborate detail. It explains the different roles in portfolio management, and the purpose and typical content of portfolio-level documentation. It further programme and project information templates, a worked out example of benefits management guidelines, a portfolio management health check assessment.

There is Foundation level and a Practitioner level certification. A MoP® Foudation certificate holder has demonstrated a general level of MoP® understanding that is sufficient to work as an informed member of a Portfolio Office or in a range of portfolio management roles. A MoP® Practitioner certificate holder has shown to understand how to apply and tailor the MoP® guidance and to analyse portfolio data, documentation and roles in relation to a scenario situation, will be able to advise on the implementation of appropriate practices and techniques, and apply the method to a live portfolio.

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