PRojects in Controlled Environments

PRINCE2® provides best practices for project management and governance. It defines 7 principles, 7 themes, and 7 processes that together create a complete method. It is based on experience from thousands of projects, contributed by project managers, consultants, researchers, trainers...

PRINCE2® is generic - it can be applied to any project. It is flexible to suit to any environment: any industry, any size of project, any geography or culture. This means that it only speaks about project management, any specialist contributions are to be added by the practitioners.

The split between management and delivery of the project, makes that the method suitable in both agile and traditional delivery environments.

The PRINCE2® Guide explains any of the principles, themes and processes in elaborate detail. It explains the key project management deliverables a project should have, why they should be used and what they should cover. Where applicable it hints at further research or detailed techniques that go beyond the scope of the methodology.

There is Foundation level and a Practitioner level certification. A PRINCE2® Foudation certificate holder has demonstrated a general level of PRINCE2® understanding that is sufficient to work in a project environment. A PRINCE2® Practitioner certificate holder has shown sufficient understanding in applying and tailoring the method in different project environments and scenarios.

It is not so common to find instructor led or class room based trainings on PRINCE2® in Hong Kong, so contact me to find out what is possible or need more information. You can also check the Axelos info page to discover more about the method.