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The missing P

PPM is the acronym that can stand for either Project Portfolio Management, or Project & Programme Management. It actually refers to all three: Project, Programme and Portfolio Management. I would prefer to use P3M instead, but this term has gone out of fashion since a number of years and I don't have the ambition to change the tide on my own. Rather I spend my energy in delivering insights around PPM topics: project, programme and portfolio management, PMO, best practices, governance, agile delivery, etc.

What is PPM?

PPM as a concept ties project, programme and portfolio management together, because these three layers of change should really be considered in integration. These three layers map onto the organisational pyramid: projects deliver operational changes, programmes drive transformational change, and portfolio management plays in the realm of top management where investment decisions are made.

Projects create products or deliverables to be used by an organisation. These deliverables do not add value on their own, but rather have to be used to realise benefits; that is the focus of programmes. Portfolio management is concerned with priorisation of projects and programmes as to optimise the investment and align it to corporate strategy.

Consultancy and training

As the name of the website gives away, I provide consultancy in the PPM domain. But that's not all. Next to advising on how to structure project and programme management in an organisation, on how to setup a PMO and what services it should provide, or on how to better align the change initiatives with the strategic direction of the company, I also provide training in PPM topics. This can take the form of hands on sessions and workshops, tailored to your organisation, or it can be a preparation for a certification exam like PRINCE2® or PMP®.

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About me

My name is Stijn Janssens (for non-Dutch speakers, pronounce as "Stan") and I am currently living in Hong Kong. I am born and raised in Belgium where I also worked most of my career. I studied philosophy; that probably explains my fondness on best practice methodologies and frameworks. But I have made my hands dirty turning the theory into practice in a simple and pragmatic way.

I am formally trained in business management (I hold an MBA from Vlerick Business School) and in PPM best practices: I am a PMP and PRINCE2, MSP, MoP and P3O Practitioner. But I have also tons of real life experience in roles of project and programme manager, and in setting up and running PMOs. I worked a lion share of my career in telecoms; I have also hands on experience in public sector, insurance, retail and professional services.

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